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Thursday, 30 January 2020 / Published in Business Management, Software updates, Technology, Trends
As January is coming to an end, we are also coming to an end with our resolutions for this new year. So far we've discussed going digital, automation and adopting apps to make your life easier. Today we will take a look at how adopting all of this will help you growing your business as technology is key to scaling up.
zapala go software for removals companies infographic
Friday, 29 June 2018 / Published in Software updates
For Zapala Go, a software for removals companies, relocation and storage, 2017/2018 fiscal year was great! End of fiscal year is always a great time to organise accounts for tax return, look back at what worked and what didn’t and plan the year ahead. In many ways it is very exciting as it feels like New
Thursday, 11 January 2018 / Published in Software updates, Updates
  “12 new chapters, 365 new chances”. There it is…a simple and yet powerful quote about the New Year.  However, looking back to what it was is also a powerful tool to ensure the journey ahead: before heading to where you want to be, it is important to keep in mind where you were. For
Thursday, 30 November 2017 / Published in Software updates
Over the past few months our development team has been working hard(er) to improve user experience in the software. As a result, we have very exciting news regarding new screens and features.