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After that, check with our Sales team the best price for your needs. All our prices are based on the amount of users per month.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my data safe?

Yes, we are up-to-date with all best practices when it comes to cyber security and all the latest technology Amazon Web Services can offer.

What is your uptime?

With a global network of servers to ensure maximum performance and reliability Zapala Go delivers 99.99% uptime.

Can I get on-site training?

Most certainly! Send us an email to check our support team's availability and fees.

Do I have access to technical support?

Yes, you do. We have a help centre with articles, step-by-step posts and videos and also a chat icon on the app that connects you straight away with our support team.

Can I use the mobile & tablet app?

Yes, you can. Within your plan you will have a certain amount of users and all users can access the app, you just need to let the system know which ones will use it.

Do I have access to all the features?

Within the plan you have chosen yes.


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