Our mission is to help companies stepping up the way they operate

Zapala Go develops a cloud-based technology focused on transport, logistics and warehousing companies so they can streamline processes and operations so they can increase efficiency.

The advantages of going digital

The Global Transportation and Logistics Industry is worth around $4.6 trillion. A large percentage of these companies are still heavily paper-based, resulting in higher operational costs and low customer satisfaction.

Handwritten and printed documents, lack of transparency in the process and communication, inefficient allocation of tasks and data scattered across multiple platforms are getting in the way of growth and negatively impacting businesses.

Streamlining the operation by gathering info in one place and combining different technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning through a friendly and modern platform is the solution Zapala Go delivers to help companies to work smarter so they can increase efficiency.

Taking transport, logistics and warehousing companies into a new era

We work closely with the largest players in the industry and local Associations to fully understand the main problems companies of all sizes face nowadays so we can help them.